LendingTree Review: Get A Mortgage Loan In 10 Minutes

LendingTree Review: Get A Mortgage Loan In 10 Minutes

A review of LendingTree’s mortgage loans. Reading LendingTree reviews before you make the decision to apply for loans is one of the smartest financial decisions you can ever make!

If you’re planning on buying a house, chances are you’ll need a loan to finance it. And chances are you need a loan with the best interest rates and fees that fits your unique situation.

LendingTree makes it very easy and convenient to get a mortgage with the best interest rates and fees.

You’ve probably heard about LendingTree either through word of mouth, or by watching TV, or through consumer reviews about the company. But in case you were wondering if LendingTree is legitimate, the answer is a resounding “Yes.”

LendingTree is legit.

So what makes LendingTree’s service a good pick to compare and shop for mortgage loans?

What is LendingTree?

Launched in 1998, LendingTree has built a reputation, at least from the great consumer reviews (see below) by matching borrowers to lenders. (For more information about the company, visit its website at lendingtree.com.)

Instead of filling out several applications and talk to several lenders, with LendingTree you can shop around for the best mortgage loans on one website. It’s an all-in-one platform. It just connects you with multiple lenders all at one time so you can compare and choose the best mortgage rates.

In this review, we’ll discuss how LendingTree works, what are the advantages and disadvantages, and whether LendingTree is legit.

What is LendingTree and how it works?

LendingTree is an online platform that allows borrowers to compare and shop for a mortgage. All you have to do is fill out a form. Plus, it’s free.

The main goal of LendingTree is to help you find the best mortgage with the best interest rates. But keep in mind that LendingTree itself is not a direct lender. It just connects you with several mortgage lenders.

It functions similarly to a travel comparison site like Kayak. The loan types offered by LendingTree include mortgage loans, mortgage refinances, car loans, personal loans, business loans, credit cards, and student loans.

When you apply for a loan with LendingTree, it connects you directly with multiple lenders. You then get to compare multiple offers from the lenders side by side for the best interest rates.

Applying for a loan with LendingTree is quite simple and easy. It only takes less than 10 minutes.

You just enter your basic information such as the type of loan you want, the loan amount you want, your credit and employment history and other personal information.

Once you enter your information into the system, LendingTree quickly provides you with lenders and loan offers. After that, you will work with the specific lender you choose to finalize the loan.

Types of Loans LendingTree Offers

The loan types are mortgage loans (FHA, VA, Conventional loans), auto loans, personal loans, business loans, credit cards, student loans, etc. But the main ones are mortgage loans

FHA loans

LendingTree allows consumers to compare offers and apply for FHA loans. FHA loans are very popular for first time home buyers, because the lending requirements are less stringent than conventional loans.

To be eligible for an FHA loan, you’ll need a minimum credit score of 580 and a down payment of 3.5% of the home purchase price.

Conventional loan

LendingTree also allows borrowers to shop and compare conventional mortgages. Bear in mind that the credit score and down payment requirements for a conventional loan are much higher than an FHA loan.

You will need a credit score of at least 650 and a down payment of 20%. You can put down less, but you will have to pay private mortgage insurance.

Other types of loans offered by LendingTree

LendingTree also partner with other lenders for other types of loans, such as car loans, personal loans, student loans and business loans.

LendingTree’s rates & fees?

LendingTree’s service is free.

Another thing to keep in mind as well is that while LendingTree matches you with multiple lenders, the lending and the process is up to the individual lender. So the rates and fees vary with each lender.

But because there are several lenders and offers to choose from, chances are there are always the best mortgage rates or the best mortgage refinance rates and fees out there that fit your specific financial situation.

Am I eligible? What are the requirements?

Again, because LendingTree provides you with multiple offers, you have a better chance of qualifying to get your loan.

Although the preferred credit score is between 660 to 700, there are lenders that accept borrowers with even lower credit scores.

A great thing about LendingTree is that if you don’t have 20 percent down saved as a down payment, you still can apply for an FHA loan. With an FHA loan, the down payment is 3.5 percent and your credit score can be as low as 580.

VA loans are available to you with $0 down. However, you will need 3.5% to 20% for an FHA or conventional loan.

LendingTree’s Pros & Cons?


  • Several lenders to choose from. LendingTree has over 1500 lenders on its platforms along with consumer reviews, making the process easy for you.
  • Easy and simple form: Fill out a short online form to get started.
  • Loan offers are competitive: LendingTree gathers the most competitive loan offers for you, making it very easy to compare and choose the best mortgage rates.
  • LendingTree reviews: LendingTree has an overall 4.9/5 satisfaction rating based on 289 reviews submitted last year. These reviews about LendingTree can be found at consumeraffairs.com.


  • One of the disadvantage of Lending tree, at least from the consumer reviews, is that you might get several calls from lenders the next day. This can be annoying.


In short, when it comes to shopping for a mortgage, Lending tree is a great choice, simply because it offers you choices. Rather than receiving one offer, LendingTree connects you with multiple lenders and offers so you can compare the rates that you can afford and choose the best interest rates.



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